There is a general observation that people of this generation are either too abstract or too scientific. People who are boxed on the latter category insist that everything in the world can be explained by science.

To them, this can be said: try explaining your love to your beloved by the rules of physics or chemistry, and you can get a negative 12 cold reception. Or worse, consider your love as a mixture in chemistry, and you will consider each other as toxic waste. To the former belong the abstract people of this generation.

The proliferation of networking sites and their corresponding discussion boards can easily give us this perception. Just recently, the rise of the jejemon culture intensifies this belief. People are on the extremes? People are in search of identity.

Frankly, I have a different reading of the situation. People of this generation are people who are full of concepts. This I call the ‘generation of conceptualization’. And many of them we can find in our workplaces. This needs closer examination, with our office procedures and models patterned after the Industrial Age. It is true that people of this age are equipped with science and hard skills, but I believe that what they need is INSPIRATION.

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