Holy, yet in need of purification

This marks my return to the online community and reviving my blog after more than a year of hiatus. I cannot exactly recall why I stopped writing for this blog.

Nevertheless, I have been itching to write. Now, my fingers are finally working on the keyboard of my laptop and find myself writing. And it is timely that I will be writing about a topic close to my heart. But I do not claim; least, assume; full mastery of the subject matter. I leave it to my former classmates who are more versed and updated with their ecclesiology.

Quite recently, the Catholic Church had been rocked by controversies. Various accusations have been labelled against the universal Church. In the Philippines, the Church and her leaders (bishops and priests and other religious) have been called names. In the online forums, priests and bishops are ridiculed. Some aggressive commenters go as far as telling the bishops and priests to keep quiet on important issues that affect our life as a nation, because as some bloggers say ‘the Church is far worse a sinner than the rest of us’.


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