A ‘radical’ Christmas and New Year

It is nice to be back after the break. By intention, I did not write during the height of the season. Firstly, because I might be more romantic, and I might have seen the season in more romanticized way. Secondly, the readers might also see the season to be more romantic and, for others- nostalgic. So here I am writing long after the ‘high’ of the season has been gone.

I had the fortune of spending and celebrating my Christmas season and welcoming the New Year in quite a number of places- up north, in the megapolis and in mid-south. These places gave me quite enriching experiences and realizations.

It is my first time to spend a Christmas day in a farm- with rice fields all around the hut, fruit trees, chicken roaming all over the place, livestock on the pens, hammock under the gigantic bamboo shade. What a simple but lively day, spent with laughter and joy of telling stories and sharing our dreams. It was a day spent in close communion with people I love and who love me. It then dawned on me that perhaps it was a way of reminding me of another aspect of Christmas that we often forget- the simple yet fulfilling experience of beholding and welcoming the Saviour born in Bethlehem. In my long years, I have attempted to theologize Christmas (partly, because of education), but little did I try to ‘humanize’ Christmas.

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